Helpex® Effect will warm up your muscle, overcome cold – take with you a convenient tube!

Composition of active ingredients: 

1g of ointment contains – methyl salicylate 50mg, thymol 10mg,
eucalyptus oil 10mg, turpentine oil 30mg,
camphor 100mg, menthol 50mg

Dosage form: 

20g or 40g in tube,
1 tube in a carton package

  • Warming ointment which contains natural herbal ingredients in comfort tube
  • Effectively eliminates symptoms of cold and a pain in muscles
  • An alternative to mustard plasters and inhalations
Children from 3 years

Administration and Dosages

To treat respiratory diseases apply 2-4 g of the cream to the skin in the chest and throat, and then rub. If desired, you can cover the application area with warm, dry cloth, but it is necessary to apply loosely to allow vapors to reach the nose and throat.

To remove the symptoms of the blocked nose and catarrh apply small amount of the cream to the wings of the nose and rub gently.

To reduce a joint and muscle ache apply the thick layer of the cream to the area of the joints or muscles and rub gently. Adults and children from 3 years old use up to 3 times a day.

Duration of treatment is determined individually depending on the severity of the disease and clinical efficacy.       

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Substances acting on respirator system. Code АТС R07A

Pharmacological properties

Menthol has local irritating, anesthetic, distracting, antipruritic, antiseptic and calming effect. The effect is mainly due to reflex reactions associated with stimulation of the sensory nerve endings stimulation of skin receptors stimulates the formation and release of endogenous bioactive substances (enkephalins, endorphins, peptides, kinins) involved in the regulation of pain, vascular permeability, and other processes that provide analgesic distracting and antipruritic effect. The irritant (distracting) effect helps to reduce pain. Local action is accompanied by vasoconstriction, feeling cold, which turns into a feeling of slight burning and tingling. Skin-visceral reflexes improves trophic tissue (or zones of innervation).

Menthol reflexively changes vascular tone both superficial and deep-seated in the tissues and internal organs.

Camphor has antiseptic, local irritating, analeptic action. This ingredient reflex excites the vasomotor and respiratory centres, showing analeptic activity, shows peripheral vasopressor activity. It inhibits platelet aggregation. Standing out from the body through the respiratory tract, facilitates expectoration,  shows distractions properties applying  locally.

Thymol, an antiseptic and disinfectant. Destroying important for the viability of microbial enzymes, it prevents the spread of decay and delay it if it has already begun.

Methyl salicylate anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It is non-selectively inhibits cyclooxygenase, reduces the synthesis of prostaglandins. It normalizes the increased capillary permeability, improves microcirculation, reduces swelling and infiltration of the inflamed tissue.

Eucalyptus oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. When applied topically, it reduces the sensitivity. Eucalyptus oil also stimulates heart function.

Turpentine oil is used topically for the treatment of colds as a distraction and a warming ingredient.

To obtain full information please see the Patient Leaflet Information.


Respiratory diseases: 

  • catarrh
  • pharyngitis,
  • laryngitis,
  • tracheitis.

Muscle and joint ache. 


Individual hypersensitiveness to any of the ingredients of the medicine. Do not take the medicine if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Children age from 3 years.

To obtain full information please see the Patient Leaflet Information.

Only for the external use.

Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. The  cream is applied only to  intact healthy skin, do not apply to open wounds. Not suitable for the lubrication of the nasopharynx.  

To obtain full information please see the Patient Leaflet Information.

Store in the original package below +25°С.
Keep out of the reach of children.

R.S. MOH of  Ukraine № UA/11390/01/01 on 21.10.2015