Movixicam® ODT - eliminates pain and inflammation without limits for use

Composition of active ingredients: 

1 tablet which is oro-dispersible contains
meloxicam 7,5 mg or 15 mg

1 ampoule 1,5 ml contains meloxicam 15 mg

Dosage form: 

Oro-dispersible tablets
with wild berries and yogurt taste 7,5 mg №20 and 15 mg №10 and №20

Injection solution 1,5 ml #5

  • Faster pain and inflammation relief* in comparison with traditional tablets
  • Easy  in use – dissolves in mouth without water:
    just put on / under the tongue
  • Pleasant taste of wild berries
Children from 16 years

Administration and Dosages

Put the tablet on the tongue and wait until it is completely dissolved. Do not chew, and do not swallow entirely.
After dissolution it can be washed down. Water also may be used for moisturizing  a mouth cavity for patients with dry mouth.
Do not exceed the maximum daily dose of 15 mg.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Nonsteroid anti- inflammatory and antirheumatic drugs. АТХ М01АС06

Pharmacologic property

Movixicam is a nonsteroid anti- inflammatory medicinal product  which has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect. 

Meloxicam has high anti-inflammatory activity in case of all standard models of inflammation. The general action principle for all NSAIDs (including meloxicam: the inhibition of the biosynthesis of prostaglandins, which are mediators of inflammation).

To obtain full information please see the Patient Leaflet Information.


Short-term symptomatic treatment of osteoarthrosis recrudescence.
Long term symptomatic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.


Hypersensitivity to meloxicam or other components of the drug as well as the active substances with similar effect, such as NSAIDs, acetosalic acid.

Gastrointestinal bleeding or perforation, connected with previous NSAIDs therapy anamnesis; Active or recurrent peptic ulcer / haemorrhage in anamnesis (2 or more confirmed cases of ulcers or bleeding); severe liver decompensation; severe renal failure without dialysis; gastrointestinal bleeding, cerebrovascular bleeding in anamnesis or other bleeding disorders; the treatment of perioperative pain in coronary bypass graft.

To obtain full information please see the Patient Leaflet Information.

Side effects can be minimized by usage of the lowest effective dose for the shortest period of treatment in order to control the symptoms. The maximum recommended daily dose should not be exceeded in case of insufficient therapeutic effect, also additional NSAID should not be applied as the toxicity increases but therapeutic benefits are not proven. The simultaneously usage of meloxicam and NSAIDs, including selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors should be avoided.

During I and II trimester of pregnancy the meloxicam should not be applied with the exception of urgent need. If a woman is trying to impregnate, or during a period of I and II trimester of pregnancy, intakes meloxicam, then the dosage and duration of treatment should be minimal. Meloxicam is counter-indicated during the III trimester of pregnancy.

To obtain full information please see the Patient Leaflet Information.

No special conditions of storage are required.

R.C. MOH of Ukraine UA/13585/01/01; UA/13585/01/02 of 26.11.2018 

R.C. MOH of Ukraine UA/14916/01/01