Helpex® Brand for Fourth Consecutive Year* is Recognized as Cold Treatment Best Medicine

According to the results of “Favorites of Success” competition, * Helpex® was recognized as best among cold medicines for fourth consecutive year.

Throughout 2018 year, the best trademarks of Ukraine were selected by 3 juries: authoritative industry experts, celebrities and public people, as well as all not indifferent consumers who shared their opinions and personal experiences, recommended and indicated their best choice on!

Best of the best were presented at rank Favorite of Success - 2018 sixteenth gala show awards to public.

*2015 Favorite of experts in category "Medicine for prevention and treatment of colds and flu», 2016 is Absolute favorite in category «Medicine for colds», 2017 Favorite of experts in category «Medicine for colds», 2018 Absolute Favorite in category « Medicine for colds»

• All data is processed by marketing research company InMind specialists, after that it undergoes a thorough audit by Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS).

Helpex® brand includes: anti-cold teas Helpex® Anticold NEO and Helpex® Anticold neo MAX, cold tablets Helpex® Anticold, cold tablets with cough Helpex® Anticold DX, as well as Helpex® Effect ointment.

Helpex ® is recognized as best in category of "Medicine for Cold ".


Competition "FAVORITES OF SUCCESS"* - is first and only public competition of trademarks in Ukraine which is based on consumers opinion with open ratings.


R.C. MOH of Ukraine № UA/15354/01/01UA/15355/01/01 dated  28.07.2016, UA/16014/01/01, UA/16015/01/01 dated 12.05.2017, UA/9824/01/01UA/9825/01/01 dated 16.04.2019, UA/11390/01/01 dated 21.10.2015. Complete information about medicinal product, including its characteristics, therapeutic properties and possible side effects, is contained in the instruction for medical use.