Comparative Evaluation of Effectiveness of Orodispersible Meloxicam with Oral Form of Meloxicam in Patients with Pain Syndrome in Lower Back

Shuba N.M
pain syndrome
acute pain syndrome
chronic pain
radicular syndrome
degenerative diseases of spine
pain syndrome in lower back.
Diseases of the locomotor apparatus

Movixicam ® ОDT is well tolerated by patients, it is easy to use (used 1 time per day). A study of both orodispersible form of meloxicam and oral tableted meloxicam revealed a statistically significant decline by Oswestry, Roland-Morris, MacGill questionnaire after 10 days. After 10 days of product both forms study, a statistically significant decrease in plasma CRP levels, an indicator of the inflammatory response, was observed. The study of laboratory parameters dynamics, namely lipid metabolism, bilirubin, liver markers, creatinine, showed no negative changes, which indicates a safe use of meloxicam in patients with concomitant pathology. The advantages of the orodispersible form of meloxicam include a more rapid effect, namely, the reduction of pain in first 2 hours of use (whereas when using conventional tablets meloxicam, a similar effect was observed after 6 hours), which is very important in BNS syndrome.

Movixicam ® ОDT