Pain in Foot: Opinion of Neurologist

Oros M.N.
Grabar V.V.
Foot pain
foot pain
peripheral neuropathies
tarsal canal syndrome
Morton neuroma
OTD form of meloxicam
enzyme therapy

This article highlights some of the main causes of foot pain, with particular attention to neurological factors of pain, a diagnostic algorithm and treatment options for these pathologies are proposed. As to treatment, Movixicam® ОDT – is the only innovative orodispersible meloxicam in Ukraine. The peculiarity of ODT form of meloxicam is that it acts faster and safer, since an amount of drug that can be metabolized is significantly lower than for a regular tablet. Use of Movinaza® in complex therapy of patients with degenerative diseases of musculoskeletal system significantly increases an effectiveness and safety of treatment, which is especially important for patients with concomitant somatic pathology.

Movixicam® ОDT