Place mucolytics in the complex therapy of inflammatory respiratory diseases

Kochuev G.I.
Kochueva M.N.
Korzh A.N.
obstructive bronchitis
acute respiratory diseases of the respiratory system (ARI)
children's pulmonology

Western European Journal of Internal and Family Medicine - Lectures-distance learning-studies. - Kharkov, 2017., -102 p.

Symptoms of AR (allergic rhinitis) are noted in 40% of Ukrainians. It has now been established that patients prone to allergic reactions are characterized by features of the immune response that cause frequent development of acute respiratory viral infection. For the treatment of cough in patients prone to allergies, a unique drug PulmoLOR® (MoviHealth, Switzerland), which is the only fixed combination of ambroxol hydrochloride and loratadine, is of great interest.

The study of the PulmoLOR® suspension carried out at the Department of Pediatrics No. 1 and neonatology of the Kharkov NMU, in children aged 6-12 years with the diagnosis of acute obstructive bronchitis, confirmed the expediency and effectiveness of this combination in the medicamental therapy of this category of patients for a faster reduction of such manifestations as cough in the productive stage with subsequent cessation), a decrease in wheezing in auscultation, and the arrest of bronchial obstructive syndrome.