Choosing an Effective Remedy for Cough

Tikhonov A.I.
acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI)
acute inflammation of upper respiratory tract
acute respiratory diseases (ARD)
acute bronchitis
seasonal allergies
chronic inflammatory diseases of respiratory tract
chronic bronchitis
cough syndrome.
Diseases of the respiratory system. ARVI. ARD

Acute and chronic diseases of respiratory tract are one of most frequent reasons for going to a pharmacy, especially during off-season, when a body is very vulnerable to attacks of respiratory viruses and bacteria. On a background of a “cold,” begins the inflammation of mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, which is accompanied by excessive formation and increase of mucus viscosity, which causes a cough with difficult sputum production. Since coughing is not only a signal of health problems presence, but it is also an annoying phenomenon for people around, one often quickly hurries to get rid of it, without going into details. But pharmaceutical worker can correctly adjust a consumer's request, and at the same time to increase an average bill of pharmacy.